Shamanic Services

                                     SHAMANIC CONSULTATION


If you would like to have an in-depth consultation only, a session will be for a half-hour chat. If it turns into either a healing session or soul retrieval session, and this will be deducted from either one.


Cost: $30 for a half hour

                                  SHAMANIC HEALING SESSION

There is a difference between “curing” and “healing.” Curing is the business of doctors. Healing is the business of the shaman. Curing consists of treating disease and eliminating symptoms. We all know people who have received cures but have not experienced healing. Unfortunately, their symptoms generally return. Healing addresses the cause of disease, which shamans believe is due to imprints of trauma stored in a person’s aura and etheric bodies, they can also be negative entities. While healing, shamans measure success by increased well being, a sense of newfound peace and empowerment, and a feeling of communion with all life.

No two shamanic energy healing sessions are identical, although most begin with an initial interview during which the client describes the physical and/or emotional symptoms they are experiencing, as well as problems that may be arising in their life. The shaman must also determine whether he has the permission needed to do a healing on a person from Spirit or not. In some cases, the illness might be related to a Karmic issue and require that the client learn a particular lesson from it, and these cannot be interfered with. Depending on individual needs, sessions can take up to an hour or longer. A healing session can be done indoors or outdoors, with the client reclining on the floor/ground or in a chair or couch, and the shaman positioned near the head. The shaman may ask the client to blow into a healing stone in order to help release harmful patterns in the etheric body and to determine where they reside in the body.

In the days that follow a healing session, my client may feel unusually tired or need more quiet time as releasing and energy shifting continue. The transformative experience of healing is reflected in every aspect of life – relationships, diet, job, marriage, how you relate to your children, as well as how you experience wellness and illness.


Cost: An hour session will typically cost approximately $60 depending on whether more time is required in difficult cases.

                                         SOUL RETRIEVAL


In what is approximately a two-hour session, I will journey to retrieve soul parts, extract intrusions, and reconnect you with a power animal (totem) or spiritual guide. Issues dealt with may include career and life purpose, relationships, all kinds of abuse, physical disease, injury, and chronic pain, prosperity, self-esteem, forgiveness, motivation, addictions to alcohol, drugs, food, work, and sex, incest and rape, trauma from violence, accidents and surgery, and unresolved past-life challenges. It is also common for past life soul parts (and sometimes prior to life soul parts) to be returned during a soul retrieval. Time is spent during a session clarifying the client’s issues, clearing the aura and chakras, shamanic journeying, and then discussing the journey’s results.


Cost: A two hour soul retrieval session will cost approximately $100, including the feedback, and follow-up information/exercises. This amount will of course be less if the session is a shorter one.


Ceremonial, energetic cleaning of your house or apartment to clear and to clean bad, dark and dense energies by burning incenses, smoking tobacco or special herbal mixtures, chanting and drumming. House clearing is also highly recommended if there has been an episode of violence in the home, including a break-in, a robbery, a suicide or any other disturbing or highly emotional occurrence. House clearing can sometimes help when clients are trying to make changes in their lives, move on from a relationship that has ended, or lose weight. I also prefer to come to the home or site needing ceremony to perform house clearings and house blessings. Because of the travel time, I charge somewhat more than for a regular shamanic healing appointment at my home office.


Cost: The price for house clearing begins at $100. This price covers a small house or an apartment, but a four-bedroom house or larger will cost somewhat more. Land can also be cleared or blessed upon request.



                                     INDIVIDUAL SHAMANIC JOURNEYING SESSION

For those who already journey for themselves, I encourage you to journey at the same time as I. For those who would like to learn how to journey, I will teach you how to do so. Taking shamanic journeys together helps to demonstrate how you connect to Spirit (e.g. feeling, seeing, hearing, moving), gives emphasis to particular aspects of the journey I undertake on your behalf, and supports you in deepening your shamanic practice with a more vivid experience of the spirit world. Journeying at the same time with the same intention together can also help to demonstrate that the spirit world is an actual place. It is not unusual to see the same places or things when journeying together, to receive complementary pieces of the same story, or to have feelings that track the narrative arc of the journey that I undertake on your behalf. Journeying together one-on-one or in journey circles are a compelling way of arriving at a felt sense of the reality of the unseen realms and can give us a taste of the miraculous nature of this life where far more is going on than meets the eye.

The work of shamanism is to read the world as a sacred text. Because this life is a waking dream, the messages that seek us out are symbolic in nature, as in our nighttime dreams. Our task is to honor the messages, remember them, and carry them with us until we feel we have reached a deeper understanding.


Cost: Private journeying sessions normally run about an hour. The cost is $80 per session.

Shamanism-oriented services we will be offering at the Green Shaman. Any of these four shamanic services are available on Weekdays after 6:00 p.m. and are by appointment only.

To contact Henno Parks You can send an email: parkshenno@gmail.com or call: 561-880-1635.


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