Henno Erikson Parks

My name is Henno Erikson Parks, and I am a Northern European Shaman of Estonian decent (near Finland). I am a healer, teacher, facilitator and scholar, and therefore dedicate myself to helping and advising people on their spiritual pathways. I have been very blessed to be on this same shamanic journey for 15 years and have lived for the past 23 years in  Northern Europe, where I have studied the practices, beliefs and customs of the native peoples of Europe and Siberia, especially those of the Saami. As a scholar, I have been working towards finishing my Doctorate in Comparative Religion on Estonian shamanism and have several publications on various topics.

I am Spirit-taught, which means that I was selected by Spirit to carry out the work I do, and there are no physical teachers to learn from, nor books that are written to guide me, though I have certainly learned from many of them. I was tested through a process called the Shamanic Illness which happened in my mid-twenties, and which set about a process,which caused a series of what I call, little deaths until Spirit was able to mold me into a hollow bone for service and the healing of others. Your old self, your ego, and all the forms that society builds for you, are slowly destroyed and renewed into something Spirit can mold and use as an instrument here in the physical world. It's a painful and difficult process that really is never-ending. You can only call yourself a shaman in this tradition if other shamans recognize you as one of their own, and if Spirit acknowledges you as one of their workers. This is not easily won, and the trials and tests are many. I do have had a mentor, the Estonian shaman Vello, who is a great drum master and maker, who has taught me much of his ways and whom I greatly honor. The above description does not mean that other people are not shamans, it just means that this path functions differently than most.I have learned to listen to Spirit and follow its guidance and counsel, to heal and help people, to honor nature and all of creation.


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