Henno Erikson Parks has long been inspired by the colors of nature – for him, green represents life, harmony, and abundance; it’s the healing energy of the heart chakra; and it honors the nature-based beliefs of shamanism, surrounding us with the nurturing blessings of Mother Earth, growth, regeneration and represents the promise of eternity. He is dedicated to preserving, studying, and teaching shamanic knowledge and healing modalities for the welfare of all. He wishes to create a sacred space for people to not only gather the necessary tools for shamanic practices literally, but also to learn how to use them in an effective way that will lead to self-healing, as well as a higher state of consciousness that ultimately will spread this energy to the world. 


  • Individual Shamanic Journeying session

  • Group Journeying & Drumming Session


  • Beginners classes: 3-part series
    visiting the Lower, Middle and
    Upper World principles of
    Core Shamanism

  • Soul Retrieval Session

  • House Blessing Ceremony

  • House Cleansing Ceremony

  • Consultations

  • Pagan Ceremonies



How to become a Shaman?

I believe the key word here is authenticity - what is truly authentic in any practice and not just something made up, or not grounded in traditional beliefs and practices that have their origins in one's culture and history.  I have had some people come to me and ask me to teach them to become a shaman. While this can be flattering, it is against almost everything that I believe in. In my opinion, a shaman cannot make another person a shaman, only Spirit can do that. There are no special rites or rituals in my tradition to make a person become a shaman, if Spirit has not made them go through what they require for this kind of work, then there is nothing much we can do except to validate their experience in some way, illuminate their path, which normally takes 20-30 years to achieve anything near an understanding of what it means to be a shaman. No expensive weekend course will make you a shaman, no series of sweat lodges and dabbling with psycho-active plants every now and then, instantly turn you into one. Will it open up your awareness – yes, of course it will! Will it make you a shaman – no, it will not, but it will lead you on a path. For me, my path started with something called the shamanic illness (a term I couldn’t give it at the time when it happened to me). Spirit took me, shook me up, tore me apart and remade me into something they could actually use for the kind of work they want us to do. This experience lasted over two years and became a constant struggle with the ever-present ego. If anything, shamanism is really about slowly dying to your ego, going through the many small deaths that make you realize that your power lies in intent and not in actual power. Our intentions make us strong, and Spirit wields the power! We are the vessel, ever mending itself, plugging the holes up, trying to allow things to flow through us, rather than becoming an obstacle. It took me over 10 years to figure that out – a vast spiritual journey that took me across the world looking for answers, and it’s a never-ending voyage of discovery. I have been trying to honor Spirit for over 20 years now and have learned and continue to grow in the process. To become a real shaman in the Northern tradition, Spirit has to call you, which normally manifests itself as an illness that cannot be explained by normal standards. In the past, those who were touched by Spirit and manifested the signs of a shamanic illness were taken to other shamans who could validate it and take them on as apprentices. A shamanic calling could be passed down through a family line as well. It is my belief that there are only certain ways that a Northern shaman can call themselves by that term – and it’s a three step process: 1- Spirit calls you to be one and shows you that you are what they need to function in this role; 2- You are recognized and validated by another shaman as one; and 3 – You are recognized as a shaman by the community you work in. Anything less in this tradition does not give you the right to call yourself something you’re not. Having said that, there are many other traditions that do not adhere to such strict rules as those of the shamanisms of the North, and not to say that they are not just as valid in their own way – it is, after all, one Great Spirit in the Universe. However, if it seems too easy, takes too little time and effort, costs a lot of money, and promises short-cuts to spiritual enlightenment – then it probably is too good to be true and beware. In most cases, it’s not something to boast about and impress others with. It’s a gift and if you have been truly gifted then you don’t need to prove yourself or boast about it. That is just ego speaking.


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